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The Siem Reap Education Support Team consists of 14 NGOs
The Siem Reap Education Support Team consists of 14 NGOs
BOOKBRIDGE has become part of the NGO network SEST – Siem Reap Education Support Team. The network seeks to bring educational projects in Siem Reap together in order to enhance cooperation among them and educational offers for the community.

Through a NGO working in the field of education in Siem Reap, Caring for Cambodia, BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia has became a member of the NGO network SEST – Siem Reap Education Support Team. SEST consists of NGOs and projects focusing on education.

Through SEST network, BOOKBRIDGE was invited to a Strengthening Non-Formal Education NGO Partnership Meeting organized by the National Federation Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ) with support of UNESCO Cambodia, which was held on 5 July 2013 in Siem Reap. The aim of the meeting was mainly to seek a focal point of the projects implemented by NGOs in Siem Reap focusing on non-formal education, especially community learning center support.

NGOs presented their projects
With presentations the NGOs exchanged the ideas and concepts of their projects
14 NGOs including Bookbridge Cambodia joined in the one-day meeting and presented their education projects in Siem Reap province and their further activity planning. After each presentation, the presenter was asked questions related to the projects and activity planning. Representatives from UNESCO Cambodia’s Education Unit and Department of Non-Formal Education’s Community Learning Center Office showed their interests in our learning centers and suggested that we support the existing government community learning centers, especially those that are located in the provinces BOOKBRIDGE is operating. They strongly encouraged NGOs to use the government community learning centers for implementing their education projects.

The meeting not just allowed us to present our projects to important multiplicators in the field of education but also linked us with a greater network of NGOs who are focusing on education in Siem Reap province.

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