Personal Words from a Teacher in Ang Tasom

Sreydieb Long
Sreydieb Long

Sreydieb Long is currently a full-time staff member at our learning center in Chansom Chenmongkul, Takeo, Cambodia. Her main job is to teach different English classes and assist the head of learning center. In this blog, she writes down her personal words after having been part of the local team.

I was born in Sramorkrom village, Khvav commune, Treang district, Takeo province, in a family with 8 members living in a little house. I have got three brothers and a sister. My father has kicked the bucket since i was a 6th grader and my mother is a housewife who does farming to raise 5 children. I am currently studying at Build Bright University that is located in Takeo provincial town and my major subject is English and I enjoy learning it very much.

I am a person who likes having a simple life and enjoy trying to do new things even if it makes me nervous but I can learn from it. I want to be happy and to be a person having a lot of knowledge. I also like to see other people happy and understanding each other especially in their families. I am interested in doing activities that make me enjoy myself. My favorite activities are playing with kids, visiting my siblings, visiting or having a picnic with a group or my best friends, reading book, watching movies, TV shows, doing research on new things. I also like to help others. In the future I want to be a lecturer and go to study abroad for a short course or take master classes by chance. This is the only big goal I have got in mind.

After being hired as a translator for the BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program team during their on-site setting up of the new learning center in Chansom Senmongkul, I found the learning center a very good and helpful place to be for kids and young adults. Here, they can learn with thousands of books provided in the library where we can learn new things from them. I also saw that there was something I can do to help the community. So I decided to be involved with the learning center’s local team as a full time staff. The reason is that, firstly, I like to share what I have with the kids and young adults and I like seeing them happy with their full knowledge. Secondly, I can show people that I have an ability to do something and thirdly, I could get lots of good experiences from what I do at the learning center and get to know more new people and have a cultural exchange.

Sreydieb teaching English at Chansom Chenmongkul
Sreydieb teaching English at Chansom Chenmongkul
I would like to tell you what I did for the learning center. Normally, I taught the kids during weekday due to the fact that I have to attend classes on the weekend. The things I have done so far include offering kindergarten classes, young and adults classes as well as managing placement tests for kids and adult. I also assisted the head of learning center with the daily operations of the learning center. At the moment, courses are in a good progress and I do hope they will be more developed and the number of students attending courses will increase.

I personally find BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in Chansom Senmongkul a good place for young people to do useful things for the community. I am delighted to support the learning center until I graduate from university or even much longer than that. Aside from providing a young educator like me a place to work, I also see the that the center could help to create more access to learning resources for the country, like providing learning books in both English and Khmer as well as educational games and toys. Also, I love to share what I have learned at school to who is willing to learn and to improve their skills. I am happy to see that the students have achieved progresses in their daily lives. What I love and am interested in the most is a spirit of teamwork the local team has created. I feel I have been encouraged, cared and treated well. At the learning center, everything is open to every staff member and it makes everyone know everything that is happening.

The learning center offers me a place to work and the head of learning center kindly offers me a cheap rental space to live with her family, who treat me with very warm cares, in a very nice and clean house where is just about a kilometer away from the learning center.

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