Rally Project invests in learning center

Andrea and Robert
Ready to take off: Andrea and Robert
Robert Erdin and Andrea Pramor will participate in the Mongol Rally this summer and collect book and money donations to setup a new BOOKBRIDGE learning center. In this post they write about their project Langstrasse Extended and how it all started.

The original plan was to participate in Mongol Rally 2013. We only needed a car, 1000 Pounds for a charity and a little insanity. After reading about BOOKBRIDGE and talking to Carsten, however, we realized that we could achieve more with our project.

At a Saturday in february we had a blessing in disguise: Andrea broke her foot at our sofa and stayed at home all day being bound to her bed and laptop looking for a charity we could support within the limits of our project. Sounds easy but wasn´t when she saw the overwhelming number of charities that oftentimes seemed intransparent or inefficient. To make things worse we had economic and ethical requirements for our future project. Via an article linking to a page that linked to page where we found a link to a blog article linking to an article, Andrea finally found BOOKBRIDGE. This lucky strike immediately changed our plans and suddenly we only had one goal: To work together with BOOKBRIDGE.

Route of the rallye
From Zurich to Ulaanbaatar: Andreas and Robis route

BOOKBRIDGE convinced us because their approach to help makes possible a sustainable way of development aid. BOOKBRIDGE covers a key problem with a solution approach that doesn´t deal with the symptoms but tries to help people to help themselves and has an economic base that enables their learning centers to finance themselves and to stay alive. Besides we think that the cultural anchorage and strong involvement of people from the respective local communities makes a lot of sense. The idea to enable education on one side of the world with management trainings on the other side building cultural bridges is fascinating. Both of us have profited from a high-quality, low-cost education and we want to make this possible also for others.

These points convinced us immediately about BOOKBRIDGE making us excited to collect money. As this sounds to good to be true we will drive with our car from Zurich to Mongolia documenting for our investors what you can achieven with the investment of 25,000 CHF.

We are already convinced that we were very lucky to find BOOKBRIDGE as charity. The promise to see our engagement bear fruits next spring justifies our massive lack of sleep every day. This and Carstens neverending enthusiasm.

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