Robert Erdin: Supporting the Mobile Learning Center

Robert Erdin drove 15,000 kilometers to collect money for a new learning center
For his first investment in BOOKBRIDGE, Robert drove 15,000 kilometers to collect money for the learning center in Dalanzadgad, Mongolia

Robert Erdin became involved with BOOKBRIDGE two years ago: Together with Andrea Pramor, he attended a rally from Zurich to Mongolia. During their trip they collected money and books to set up the learning center in Dalanzadgad. But Robert’s commitment didn´t end here. In October, he participated in our 5th Capability Program and planned an innovative learning center concept. Together with the team, he opened the BOOKBRIDGE Mobile Learning Center on March 20. Robert will stay in Cambodia to support the Mobile Learning Center during its first months of operation. We talked to Robert about his commitment for BOOKBRIDGE.

Robert, what is special about this learning center compared to the already existing learning centers?
This learning center is not located at one location as are the existing ones but will be distributed over several locations in Takeo province which will share a single head of learning center and a common stack of books and tablets which will be brought to the locations in a tuktuk.

What is your role as a fellow in the learning center?
The entire extent remains to be seen but I will surely be implementing and maintaining the IT infrastructure necessary to use the tablets for in-class usage as well as for self-study. Further I will assist the head of learning center in integrating the tablets into the curriculum and consult her on how to run and grow the business.

How do you want to leave the learning center in 6 months time, what are your expectations?
I want to leave the learning center in 6 months time with a first successful expansion to a second location so that the head of learning center knows how to cunduct futher expansions. Further I want the children to be able to use the tablets to access information and train their skills to improve their chances in the future.

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