Roman’s Journey at Learning Center Tonloab has started

Roman (center) with Community Hero Vannak Pen (right)
Roman, Vannak and Ra discuss Roman’s goals set for the coming 6 months

Roman is new BOOKBRIDGE fellow at our learning center in Tonloab, Cambodia. Coming from Switzerland, he is currently doing his master degree in Development and International Relations, a topic highly relevant to BOOKBRIDGE. In this post, we introduce you to Roman.

We are very happy to have Roman to support our work in Cambodia during the next six months! Besides his valuable master topic development work in countries like Cambodia Roman also has some teaching- and development-related experiences in particular developing countries. We hope that these will prove useful for his work at the learning center.

Roman has been placed well at Tonloab town in a nice and comfortable accommodation. He has got familiarized with important places in town such as the local market, hospital, shops, restaurants, police station, etc. Roman is also integrating himself into the community life by learning to live like a local.

At the learning center, Roman has been warmly welcomed by everyone, be it by Vannak Pen, Head of Learning Center, the teachers, students, or the community. The students seem to be very interested in Roman as he seems to have a good way of dealing with children. Roman is happy to take over the work from former fellows Alex and Ruby. He started to build a positive relationship with the teachers to gain their trust and love, and he has already work with them.

Roman has received information from different stakeholders and from differing perspectives and ankles concerning the learning center. He has had the chance to observe the daily typical operation activities of the center like the different classes and learning activities. He has also talked to teachers, the Head of Learning Center, and students to get to know their perspectives. To get a good overview, he has read important documents of the center and those left by Alex and Ruby. Also, Vannak has presented him the progress and achievements of the learning center has made so far as well as key challenges the center is facing. This also included key facts about Cambodia and Tonloab fostering his understanding of the place he will work at for the next months. This way, Roman learned to work with Cambodians from the beginning.

Roman has also received a short demonstration-based training on quality English teaching and learning in Cambodia containing a concrete lesson plan and its implementation. Together with Vannak he then brainstormed on his goals for the coming six months. His goals will be finalized in his second week. We wish Roman the best for his first weeks and his challenging tasks.

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