Sanith is making her way

Sanith plays an educational game with her students in Siem Reap
Sanith plays an educational game with her students

Sanith Kong is Head of Learning Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. After joining BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia some months ago with the re-opening of Siem Reap learning center, she is hard-working and determined doing her best to give birth to the center. And she is obviously making progress. Sanith connects all the dots and puts together the pieces to get the whole picture: a learning center serving the community of Siem Reap.

Yes, books are right on the shelves. The versatile library is getting lively as students regularly come to read books and make use of the library facilities. Quite a number of free activities have already been designed and are being executed, and of course students are enthusiastically engaging in all the activities. Key rules for the library are laid down and posted on the walls where students can see them making it easier for them to stick to them.

Watching an English movie with students in Siem Reap
Watching an English movie with students

The library remains clean, neat and tidy. Every time the students come to the library, they already feel at home, and they seem to be very happy, comfortable, and safe. They have fun, learn new things and socialize with their peers. It feels really good to see these young kids smiling and acting politely and responsibly.

Preparations to open the first English classes in early October is well underway. Sanith is preparing the English curriculum and she is apparently half way through. She is done with the job advertisements for the English teachers posting them at several local universities. She is revisiting, redesigning and improving the marketing survey and plans to finish it soon. She is striving to optimize the learning center to the best of her ability, and the learning center is really moving forward despite challenges. Sanith is loved and respected by everyone coming to the library. Sanith remains quite independent, open-minded and optimistic, and she is making efforts to maximize her work efficiency and productivity. Ideas from others are turned into reality in order to bring the center forward. Great job, Sanith! Keep up the good work! We are proud of you!

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