Satheesh is new Community Hero in Bandarawela

Satheesh (left) with mentor and former Community Hero Sujitha
Satheesh (left) with mentor and former Community Hero Sujitha
Exciting things were going on these weeks in Sri Lanka: Sujitha took over as Country Manager for Sri Lanka and Satheesh moved on from assistant teacher to Community Hero of Bandarawela Learning Center. In this article, Satheesh introduces himself.

I am really proud to introduce me as the new Community Hero for Bandarawela Learning Center. As Sujitha took over as the Country Manager, I got the opportunity to step to the position as Community Hero.

This wasn’t an easy path for me. 3 years ago, I was very basic in my English. I didn’t have any experience in the education business. I joined Sujitha for GMP+3 program that led to the set-up of our learning center. In this program, I struggled a lot as I couldn’t understand the English conversations. Sujitha had to translate everything. But when I was working with the European team, I got interested in the learning center and I decided to work as Suiitha’s assistant.

Satheesh is new Community Hero at learning center Bandarawela
Satheesh is new Community Hero at learning center Bandarawela
After opening the learning center, Sujitha assigned to me some duties such as accounting, data maintenance, office administration, etc. Then I started developing. The GMP+3 members Viola and Judith offered me a mentorship which helped me a lot to improve my English. Also, our first fellow Karoline who stayed here for 4 months was a great support to me to speak English all day. Later, Karoline was followed by Abel and Harshana and then Luana and Alessa. As fellows they were always around me to speak and I assisted them during their stay.
I would like to thank Monika and Carsten as well at this moment. Monika always encouraged me to grow. Every time when she saw me, she pointed out my improvement. Carsten was always positive in my development, he gave me opportunities to show who am I.

I shouldn’t forget Sujitha at this stage. She is my mentor, inspiration and great friend who molded me. Sometimes she was sweet to me and sometimes she was very tough to me. She had some strict rules for my developments. She was behind me in all my developments.

Today, I am taking over Bandarawela BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center and I am happy that Sujitha is still with me to support me in my future developments.

Satheesh with Fellow Karoline
Satheesh with Fellow Karoline
2019 is going to be the year to showcase my capacity to everyone. Therefore, I am planning to takeover some parts of Sujitha’s classes such as Find Yourself and Entrepreneurship classes. I will be doing half of the classes so that Sujitha can concentrate on her new duties. Apart from that, I have to introduce and promote new courses for the students who are passing out from the G.C.E.(O/L) public exams in December. My target is to get at least 30 student for this batch. In this line I will also concentrate on New Entrepreneur batch intake. At the same time, I would like to concentrate on my personal development as well. Therefore, I would like to improve my skills and knowledge by joining the Learning Partnership course which was introduced to us by Arlette at our All-Staff Training.

Finally, I thank again the entire BOOKBRIDGE team, board of directors and the Bridge Builders for giving me the opportunity to become Community Hero. I will do my best and make you proud.

A strong team: Satheesh and Sujitha
A strong team: Satheesh and Sujitha

Sujitha’s words to Satheesh

My dear friend Satheesh is converting to a Community Hero! Three years ago, when I applied for BOOKBRIDGE as the Community Hero, my friend Satheesh joined me and supported me from the scratch to build the learning center at Bandarawela. He was also in the CAP team and followed the GMP+3 program with me.

Even though he was supporting from the beginning, he was new to the entrepreneur field as well as English speaking environments. He had very basic English. I had to support him to understand as well as translate in all the team calls.

Satheesh presenting at the All-Staff Training
Satheesh presenting at the All-Staff Training
However, his capability and enthusiasm to learn encouraged me to make him my assistant at the learning center. Throughout his 2 ½ years of journey at Bandarawela Learning Center, he got the chance to handle accounts, conduct IT classes and handle office administrations.

During my tours & trainings to abroad, he had to take over my role at Bandarawela. He started grooming himself. His personality improved. The GMP+3 members Viola and Judith supported him as mentors for more than one year to help him grow. When BOOKBRIDGE family members and fellows visited our learning center, he was appointed to cater, support and handle their logistic matters. He didn’t have a way to escape from speaking in English. He started to improve his English.

Satheesh at his desk in the learning center
Satheesh at his desk in the learning center
Today, when I got the opportunity to take over as the Country Manager for Sri Lanka, the entire BOOKBRIDGE team and the board couldn’t imagine none other than Satheesh to lead the learning center. In point of fact that, I was able to take over the Country Manager position only because Satheesh is ready to take over my tasks.

Today, I am really proud to introduce Satheesh as the new Community Hero for Bandarawela Learning Center. He is equally talented as all the other Community Heroes. He could handle all the tasks which I was doing in the learning center. I wish him all success and unlimited growth…!

5 thoughts on “Satheesh is new Community Hero in Bandarawela

  • Pawan says:

    It is interesting to know about these new stages you are rising…as a friend you met at the last training session took place in Thangalle i congrafulate you both in this victorios event..congradulations Satheesh amd Sugitha…..Happy Future.2019.

  • Abhi says:

    Congrats Sateesh. I wish you all the best. You seem to be doing great.

  • Linda Nordin says:

    Congratulations Satheesh, you both are great!

  • Benjain Mettler says:

    Dear Sateesh, Dear Sujita,
    You are a great highperformant team and I am sure that you both will find new challenges and new possibilities to grow in your new roles. It is impressive how you Sateesh have developed your skills in the last 3 years! Now you are not any more an assistant, you are a hero, a leader! All the best for that!
    And Sujita, I am sure you will bring the country organisation to the next Level.. Not always easy i think.. but who , when not you 🙂
    I wish you a Merry Cristmas and all the best for 2019!

    Greets Ben, Darlyng and Marc

  • Satheesh says:

    Dear All,

    Thank you so much for your wishes and blessing.

    I will do all my best.


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