Scholarship program in Tonloab

Vannak meets with scholarship students
Vannak meets with scholarship students
BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Tonloab is located in the southeast of Cambodia where formal and informational education is prevalent. Even though some schools use modern technologies in the classroom, Cambodia is still struggling to empower education. Thanks to a scholarship program, learning center Tonloab can provide high-quality education to disadvantaged children.

To empower disadvantaged children to attend free English classes and library activities (reading, game, drawing and organising reading books), some of our learning centers have introduced scholarship programs.

In 2014, Vannak Pen, Community Hero in Tonloab, started the scholarship program admitting four applicants from the villages nearby the learning center as he had noticed that they were unable to afford the course fee. Since then, they have improved significantly not only in the class but also in their social behaviour towards their teachers, classmates and even in their families.

The students have been taught and trained well to pass final tests. One of them is Broanh Pisey, a 13 year-old girl who aims to be an English teacher after graduating from high school. Therefore, she works hard on her reading and writing skills. Challenges are her living condition as she sometimes has to fulfill the role of the mother at home taking care of housework and her siblings. Also the other students Tob Sokha, Poung Triyiun and Bey Sreyphea would like to become English teachers. Community Hero Vannak Pen states that “although the future is unpredictable, I will try my best to empower them to become what they want to be”. The learning center’s scholarship program is the first step in this direction.

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