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The team of our first GES1 program with University of Basel
The team of our first GES1 program with University of Basel

We are proud to announce the successful kick-off of our very first joint program with the the University of Basel. 9 candidates have signed up to become next-generation non-profit leaders and earn a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Global Social Entrepreneurship. In partnership with the Centre for Philantrophy Studies of the University of Basel, we combine the learning-by-doing experience in our Capability Program with cutting-edge non-profit business and leadership skills taught by re-known professors.

Module 1 was held from April 20-23 at the University of Basel. Candidates learnt about the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship as well as business modeling in theory before they were challenged as entrepreneurs to setup their own community-based learning center with Community Hero Ankhiluun in Khenti, Mongolia.

Until June, candidates will work in virtual teams on understanding the needs of the local community, assessing the environment as well as organizing the project. The next physical meeting will take place on in July in Basel, Switzerland. Candidates will pitch their business plan in front of their investor.

About the CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship:
The CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship equips you with cutting edge non-profit management and leadership skills that you directly apply by engaging in setting up a social enterprise from scratch in an unknown environment.

With international counterparts you will conceptualize, setup, and monitor a community-based learning center as a social business in Mongolia. Your personal learning journey will teach you how to plan and implement social initiatives, how to deal with uncertainty and unfamiliar environments as well as how to work in a cross-cultural team.

The course is designed to run in sync with your professional schedule. Three on-site modules and one virtual are blended with off-site virtual teamwork to ensure minimal disruption of professional life. Eight days on-site in Mongolia provide the opportunity for a transforming leadership experience.

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