Soksamnang Lay supports Takeo Team

New in Takeo: Soksamnang Lay
The staff at BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Takeo, Cambodia has welcomed a new member: Soksamnang Lay, 16, will support the center as volunteer. In this post he introduces himself and his motivation to volunteer for BOOKBRIDGE.

I was born in Takeo province in a family with 5 members living in a little house. I only have two brothers. My father is a high school teacher and my mother is housewife who runs a small business – bakery. I am currently a 10th grader and my favorite subject is English and I enjoy learning it very much.

I am a person who likes to have a simple life and enjoy trying new things. I want to be happy and to be a person having full of knowledge. I also like to see other people happy. I am interested in doing activities that makes me enjoyed myself. My favorite activities are playing with kids, reading book, playing sports, watching movies, TV shows, doing research on new things. I also like to help others. In the future I want to be a manager and going to study abroad is the only goal I have in mind. I want to learn as much as I can do.

After visiting Bookbridge Learning Center, I find it is a very good learning center and I like it! As a former scouts, I also see there is something I can do to help the community. So I decided to become a volunteer there. The reason is that, first, I like to play with kid and I like to see them happy. Second, I can show people I have an ability to do something and third, I could get a lot good experience from what I do at the learning center.

I would like to tell you what I can do for the learning center. Normally, I could only spend all afternoon of every Saturday to volunteer at the learning center due to the act that I have to attend school and private courses from Monday to Saturday morning, but I also come to learning center when I am free from either public or private classes. The works I have done so far included offering kids a variety of games, supervising drawing and coloring activities, assisting children in reading simple English fiction books and offering a basic music lesson.

I personally find Bookbridge Learning Center in Takeo is a good place for young people like me to do something useful for the community and myself. I am delighted to support the learning center until I finish high school.

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