Sorting 45,000 books in two days

What do you need to sort 45,000 books in two days? Lots of people and a strong purpose! More than 100 book champions from around Europe donated quality English books for our learning centers. 50 UK scouts sorted, packed and sent them off to Asia last weekend at Hargreaves Scout Camp.

For the fifth year in a row, scouts from 2nd East London and their friends gathered at Hargreaves Scout Camp to support our learning centers in improving the job and life chances of young people in Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Book champions from all other Europe – individuals, schools and companies – have donated more than 45,000 books.

Everyone contributed his/her best to finish in time. What looked like a big pile of books on Friday evening got sorted and packed until Sunday morning. Compared to the previous year, we had many more quality books donated. At the end, we managed to ship 30,384 books. All unusable books were donated to British Heart Foundation. A Win Win for everyone who helped!

The first container has already left to Mongolia. It will arrive end of August and serve our newest learning center in Dundgobi as well as all other learning centers. The books for Cambodia and Sri Lanka will be complemented by donations from our book champions from the Franconian International School and shipped by end of the year.

We would like to thank Vicky, Kay and Alan from 2nd East London as well as all scouts and their families involved. The Sorting Event would not have been possible without the support from our book champions around the world. Special thanks to Kuehne + Nagel for all your logistical support and HILTI GB for opening up your HILTI Centres as collection hubs.

Do you want to experience the atmosphere at the Sorting Weekend? Don’t miss the great video recorded and edited by Book Champion Leigh from 2nd East London. The next Sorting Event will take place July 22-23, 2017 at Hargreaves Scout Camp. Mark it in your calendar.

What impact do we leave on our book champions? Listen to the answers of George, Wendy and Juneilya below. Have we also left a mark on you and your life? If yes, record a little selfie for our impact wall and send it to us at .

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