Sreydieb Long attends BridgeBuilder Summit

Sreydieb attended the Bridgebuilder Summit
11 Community Heroes from Asia joined BridgeBuilder Summit this May. For most of them, it was the first time they had travelled to Europe. Sreydieb Long from Learning Center Takeo, Cambodia was one of them.

Being for the very first time to Europe and joining the summit, it was an incredible experiences to me and a great opportunity to meet many wonderful bridgebuilders.

It took us hours to fly from Cambodia to Germany. My colleagues and me spent day and night on the plane, woke up and ate on the plan. We arrived Frankfurt safely and waited for the train to the Black Forest. Accidentally we met our friends from Sri Lanka, Sujitha, Saradha and Sampath, and got a warm welcome by Carsten who picked us up and drove us to site. On the way to the site we crossed the Black Forest and my expression was why it was so very quiet? Where are people?

On the workshop days, I could join one a day so I ask myself which I should join. I was very hesitated to join one and leave another. Then I decided to take one that was different from my colleages so that I could ask them later about the workshop. This way, I could learn from them even it was not the full picture but at least the part of it.

Sreydieb (left) during the Cardboard Session
Sreydieb (left) during the Cardboard Session
We talked about BOOKBRIDGE Vision 2020, finances, and entrepreneurship. In the workshop, I could see the reality of how BOOKBRIDGE had been founded and what the future of BOOKBRIDGE will be like. Ideas war discussed and brainstormed by the Board members and be shared to everyone. I could also reconnect with the CAP member of my learning center and discuss how we keep our communication as there was a lack of it recently. I also learnt about mindsets of human being, the fixed and the growth mindset. This could help me to identify how to deal with my students’ successes and failures.

Finally, I am very grateful for this great opportunity which allowed me to meet people from different cultures sharing the same goal: to help our own community to become their ownership. Sharing is caring. I do hope I will be chosen again to join the next summit again!

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