Staff Training in Mongolia

Community Heroes (from left to right): Nangaa, Bayanchargal, Batchimeg, Lazzet, Battuul, Uuganaa, Lkhama and Amar from BOOKBRIDGE Country Team
Community Heroes (from left to right): Nangaa, Bayanchargal, Batchimeg, Lazzet, Battuul, Uuganaa, Lkhama and Amar from BOOKBRIDGE Country Team
Our Community Heroes in Mongolia gathered to do their bi-yearly training in the beautiful area of Khuvsgul lake. Together with Tunga and Amar from the Country Management, they spent four days learning from each other, discussing and practicing in different workshops: Mindset, Communication, Volunteer Management, Practicality in English language teaching methods, TESOL, Ecological footprint:


  • Mindset − Based on the concept developed by professor Carol Dweck, we discussed the difference btw growth and fixed mindset, and how to apply the knowledge to yourself and to your students.
  • Tips for preparing IELTS exam: speaking, writing, listening and comprehension – Battuul shared her experience on how she prepared for the exam and how the real exam was, what she learned from taking the exam what the learners should consider in preparing the exam
  • TESOL: Practical steps taking the online TESOL course, How to teach certain skills in a communicative approach
  • Teaching grammar communicatively: How to integrate grammar teaching in the lesson plan with more interactive activities from E-teacher online course
  • University entrance exam preparation: Guidance of what to teach and how to teach in the entrance exam preparation course
  • Communication: Four level of communication, factors to consider for an effective communication
  • Ecological footprint: Reviewed our daily habits whether it’s ecological friendly or resource wasting. Brainstorming about how to make awareness in their community and at the learning centers
  • Volunteer management: How to motivate and keep students doing volunteer job, by applying Roles &Responsibilities to everyone etc.
  • Life skill session to work with the students: Debating, Art craft, Teaching soft skills, Project based learning review.
  • Accounting support: Made clear the expressions Income, Expenses, Cash left the end of the month. Explained the difference btw Profit and Cash flow at the end of the month


  • Include 2 hours session on one skill to practice for the preparation of IELTS exam, preferably run by one Community Hero (CH)
  • Write a monthly essay by CHs and the essay will be peer-reviewed by each other. The purpose is to improve your writing skill
  • Nangaa, Lkhamaa and Batchimeg, Battuul starts entrance exam preparation course
  • Each learning center (LC) runs workshop with students on the topic ecological footprint and brainstorm on their own footprints, sends the result/inputs to Tunga to prepare the Mongolian version of footprints
  • Arvaikheer LC and Dalanzadgad LC will apply for the student’s scholarship this year
  • The criteria was set up for LC and for the students
  • CHs will prepare and run session proactively at the next All-Staff Training (AST), teach mock lessons
  • Mock lessons are must at the next AST
  • CHs review the quality at your LC compare to the last year and prepare for self-assessment at the next AST
  • LC could name their intensive summer training as a “Summer School”

What went well

  • The quality of the sessions were very good
  • All topics were Important and clear for understanding
  • Improved time management during the training
  • Effective, fruitful discussion, fair decisions were made
  • Warm atmosphere

What we need to improve:

  • Training room was cold
  • Bathroom facilities

Further suggestions for the next training:

  • Would like to have more sessions continued on the topic of Communication and Volunteer management
  • Make a zoom call to discuss the training needs before work on the training agenda
  • CHs should use the training to share their experience, teaching methods and to develop their facilitating/presentation skills
  • Include more sessions run by CHs

The Community Heroes ran sessions to share their experiences with a variety of teaching and learning topics. All participants really enjoyed the meeting and were satisfied with the quality of the sessions. After the training, some of the participants along with their families traveled to the reindeer herders, a Nomads people living in the Taiga in the North of Mongolia. Spending time together after the training was definitely one of the highlights of of the meeting. A big THANK YOU goes to Lkhamsuren Erdenedash, Community Hero in Murun learning center, for her hospitality and for guiding the group through the Taiga!

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