Fund a Stipend

As a social enterprise, we offer our services against a fee. To allow everyone to participate in our programs, we setup a stipend program. You may choose between funding a stipend for a candidate in the Capability Program or a stipend for a staff member at our learning centers.

Fund a stipend

...for a candidate in the Capability Program

…for the professional development of a learning center staff member

Fund a Candidate in the Capability Program

Participation in the Capability Program is linked to a considerable fee. Despite discounts for individuals and NGOs, not everyone can afford paying this fee. In order to get the most qualified and passionate talents for our program, we setup the Capability Program Stipend Fund.

The Capability Program Stipend Fund supports applicants to the Capability Program in financing their participation. The fund is a donation-based and run by Alumni of the Capability Program.

The Capability Program Stipend Fund is administered by Carsten. In the application form, applicants may apply for support by the fund. A committee of Alumni of the Capability Program recommend which applicants to support.

Anyone can contribute to the fund at anytime with a donation of any amount. The committee meets ad hoc once an applicant has requested support by the fund. The decision is made within 4 weeks after the application has been received.

Fund professional development of a learning center staff member

Once a learning center is up and running, we support its further development. To achieve quality education, we need to continuously invest into teachers and their capabilities. In the past, individual members of our Capability Program have sponsored staff members at our learning centers in their professional development. The Professional Development Stipend Program allows us to provide development funds in a structured and transparent way to all staff members in need.

The BOOKBRIDGE Professional Development Stipend Program is a small grants program supporting Learning Center staff and Heads of Learning Centers in their professional development.

The aim of the Professional Development Stipend Program is to support the development of talented young professionals and secure committed and well qualified staff members for BOOKBRIDGE’s Learning Centers. The stipend is not intended to be used as a subsidy to Learning Center salaries, but must be applied towards professional development of committed and talented individuals at BOOKBRIDGE Learning Centers. This will support the continued capacity development of talented individuals at the Learning Centers and also support the retention of promising staff.

The Professional Development Stipend Program is managed at the country level by the Team of each BOOKBRIDGE Country Organization. A selection committee will be established which will set the criteria and requirements for the selection of recipients including any reporting or employment conditions (e.g. the recipient must commit to at least a further two years of employment at the Learning Center). Selection criteria will be set in consultation the Country Development Manager and the Head of Learning Centers.

The Professional Development Stipend Program will be financed through donations. Anyone is invited to support the program with any amount. In addition, BOOKBRIDGE GmbH will devote part of its yearly profit towards the program a swell.

Each year, the selection committee in each country will announce a call for submissions to all Learning Centers. The committee will make its selection in a transparent manner, awarding grants to the most promising applicants who meet the pre-determined criteria.
The Country Manager will be responsible to prepare an annual report on the use and results of the Stipends.

Do you want to fund a stipend?

If you want to fund a stipend, please make a donation to one of the following accounts. Please note during the transfer that your contribution is for the Professional Development or the Capability Program Stipend Program or contact us by email.

IBAN: DE38 7002 0500 5027 0160 00
Institute: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

United Kingdom
Minimum is 150 GBP.
Please contact: Keith Jefferies
E-Mail: or
Phone: +44 (0) 3000 123 332

IBAN: CH21 0900 0000 6025 6939 4
Institute: PostFinance Bern

United States of America
Donate online at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are recipients selected?
In each country, the Country Manager forms a selection committee to be composed of between three and five members. Members can be recruited from amongst current and past fellows, Capability Program Alumni, local board members, Head of Learning Centers and the BOOKBRIDGE Global Support Team.
Applications are reviewed by the selection committee and a decision is made. The decision of the selection committee is communicated to applicants and stipends are released.

2. What types of professional development opportunities are covered by the Stipends?
The stipends can be used to fund:

  • Upgrading of English skills
  • Professional development in business and leadership skills (general management, entrepreneurial thinking and acting, business development, etc.)
  • Continued study (e.g. Master’s Degree)
  • Teacher training courses
  • IT Training
  • Other professional development opportunities deemed suitable by the selection committee

The stipend may also be applied towards:

  • Attendance at professional events such as teacher training conferences, ESL workshops, etc.
  • Transportation costs as required for attendance at any of the above

3. What types of criteria will the selection committee look for?
This may vary from country to country, but in general the selection committee will award grants to applicants who can demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Has been working at the LC for at least 6 months and is willing to commit to continued employment for at least a set period of time
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and development
  • Has a potential future career within the learning center or BOOKBRIDGE
  • Has the support of the HoLC (in the case of LC staff applying for the Stipend) or the Country Manager (in the case of HoLC applying for the Stipend)
  • Opportunity to apply learning at the Learning Center
  • Willingness to share new knowledge with others
  • Willingness to contribute towards their costs of their training where possible
  • Intermediate English level

4. What if I want to donate directly to an individual rather than the program?
It is recommended that donations for professional development be made through the respective Country Organization in order to ensure the intended use of funds and to prevent overlap with contributions from other sources. Additionally, contributions made to the Stipend program through BOOKBRIDGE Foundation are tax deductible in most European countries and the US.

The selection committee will award the Stipends to the most suitable and promising candidates based on the applications and as determined by the selection criteria in each country. If you are interested in supporting a particular individual for a specific professional development purpose, please discuss with the Country Manager. It is important that any financial support given to individuals at the Learning Centers is transparently disclosed to all in order to prevent misunderstanding. Directing donations towards an individual may act to undermine the selection committee.

5. What if a BOOKBRIDGE Learning Cenzer staff member asks me for direct support?
Direct the staff member to the Country Team and the Stipend program. Monetary transactions with BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center staff are discouraged as this can lead to dependence of the individual, as well as misunderstanding and jealousy amongst other BOOKBRIDGE staff members. Donating money to individuals, for any intended purpose or simply to support them, risks disempowering them and curbing their independent drive towards self-improvement and achievement. Often, giving what in local currency amounts to large sums of money, can have unintended consequences on the recipient and has the potential to create negative impacts on families and communities in the long term. Additionally, there are only limited methods to manage the use of funds. Giving to the Stipend program ensures that funds are used strictly towards professional development purposes in the best interests of the individual and the learning center, with transparency and in a fair and accountable manner.