Students from Arvaikheer take part in English Olympics

We are very proud of our students from Arvaikheer! Some of them participated successfully in the Gobi Regional English Olympic, an English competition for students.

The Gobi Regional English Olympics is a yearly competition and this year took place on 26th October. Usually, there are more than hundred students participating between 5th and 11th grade. This year, they came from five Provinces. From our learning center in Arvaikheer, there were a couple of students participating. They all visit English classes offered by Uuganaa, the head of the learning center. The students are active members of the learning center since its opening and ten of them took a medal. We would like to introduce three of them.

S. Myagmarsuren took a gold medal. She is a 11th grade student and has started to study at Bookbridge learning center five years ago. Congratulations, Myagmaa! A. Bayanmunkh is an eleventh grader and took a bronze medal. Congratulations on his great achievement! B. Ulziijargal is also an eleventh grader. He has read almost a hundred books at Bookbridge library so far. He took a bronze medal at the Olympics. His teacher Uuganaa says that he is a good role model for all other young people.

The first English lesson in the magazin
The first English lesson in the magazin
The learning center in Arvaikheer has started to offer a community English class through Uvurkhangais (Arvaikheer) local magazine. The first lesson got very good feedback. Uuganaa says that offering English classes through a local magazine is a good way to reach many people in the community. The magazine is published three times a week.

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