Students realize Plastic Bag Campaign

Sothika (front) organized the plastic campaign
Sothika (front) organized the plastic bag campaign
The environment is becoming a huge global issue. Neither local nor international organisations have systematically raised billions and billions dollars to save the environment. Just take a look at the statistics: an average Cambodian person creates 1.8 kg of waste per day and it equals to 2,700 plastic bags a year. This not only happens in Cambodia but around the globe. However, how do we manage to raise the awareness of reducing plastic waste?

12 strong-will teenagers from BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Angtasom have raised the awareness of abolishing the plastic waste in their local community through a mission of group discussion that led to a problem resolution: a real shopping demonstration with using rattan bucket instead of plastic bags.

Sothika (front) organized the plastic campaign
Discussing feasible activites on banning plastic bags
The event was led by an energetic community hero, Sothika. The contribution to the local community is very precious as everyone may learn it and put into daily practice. The group left Angtasom at 7am and arrived at Sihanouk Ville at 10:30 am to visit the communal market to confront vendors with alternative, environmentally neutral bags.

Students summed up results of the workshop
Students summed up results of the workshop
After a lunch at the seashore the workshop started where we wanted to talk about our impressions and possible actions. We discussed the effective use of raw materials instead of plastic bags or baskets, sort food to the same classification with its suitable packages and to encourage people to use banana and lotus leaves. We also considered the use of clothes for wrapping fruits or vegetables, reusable ingredients’ bottles or jars, toothpaste, bottle water, glass floss container, bags, cups and fabric towels instead of paper towels. Of course, you can not suddenly change a community’s behaviour but the changing the world starts from us and a tiny team.

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