Successful pitch by a talented team for BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in Siem Reap

Happy: The team of the General Management Plus Program after the pitch
Happy: The team of the General Management Plus Program after the pitch

On March 23-27th, the candidates of the Global Management Plus Program by WHU Business School, BOOKBRIDGE partner university, gathered in Dusseldorf Germany for module 3 of the program.

From November 2014 on together with their tandem partners in Cambodia, the participants have developed a new business model to turn the current Siem Reap library to an attractive and sustainable learning center. The program consists of different modules of which the last one will take place in Cambodia.

This new social enterprise will be a platform for people to share experiences, explore new ideas and empower themselves. It will be not only accessible to 4,000 High School students but also to tourists and small business owners. Tourist will have the possibility to discover an authentic Cambodia together with students. Small business owners can attend English classes to develop their companies and competences.

This is one more significant step forward to develop BOOKBRIDGE’s Learning Centers network as well as to elaborate the offerings of the social enterprise in accordance with the local context.

During the third module of the Capability Program, candidates grew together as a team and pitched successfully their business plan to Carola Falk. Carola has decided to invest 20,000 euros in the learning center at the occasion of her birthday.

The team is now preparing the implementation phase incorporating the recommendations of the investor up to their departure to Cambodia in May. We will keep you updated on their adventures!

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