SuitePad donates Tablets for Learning Centers

SuitePad tablets improve the IT equipment of our learning centers
The SuitePad tablets improve the IT equipment of our learning centers
The IT equipment of our learning centers is still a problem. We are all the more happy about a new partnership in the field of IT: Berlin-based company SuitePad will donate us tablets to use them in IT classes in our learning centers.

SuitePad provides hotels with tablet pcs digitalizing paper-based hardware like guest information, feedback sheets, room service and even the bible. After their use in hotels, SuitePad will provide BOOKBRIDGE with tablets for our learning centers. “Hoteliers have asked us what happens to the devices after replacing them after a couple of years. This question has led us to the idea that disused hotel tablets are the ideal platform to impart learning contents”, says Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen, co-founder and managing director of SuitePad GmbH.

Tilmann Volk and Moritz v. Petersdorff of SuitePad support us with IT hardware
Tilmann Volk and Moritz v. Petersdorff of SuitePad support us with IT hardware
Corporate social responsibility has become normal for holdings and big companies, however difficult for small enterprises and start-ups. Bigger companies can afford employess who only deal with social projects and sustainability, some run even their own foundations. Smaller enterprises often do not have the money. With its commitment SuitePad shows that also young enterpreneurs can act social and sustainable not needing big CSR departments but good ideas and partners.

“Especially in rural areas of development countries, education offerings are very rare”, says Carsten Rübsaamen, founder of BOOKBRIDGE Foundation. „Our learning centers try to close the education gap by providing IT and English courses. SuitePad´s tablet pcs give us the possibility to get people in touch with the new technologies and chances of the internet.“

SuitePad and the participating hotels will donate the tablets after equipping them with special software that will enable BOOKBRIDGE to use them in their learning centers. The first tablets will be delivered in the beginning of 2015 and extend learning offerings in the centers. We are very happy about the cooperation because it shows that acting sustainable does not necessarily need CSR departments and big budget.

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  • Buyanaa says:

    I am responsible for developing all children in our hometown since I am a Community hero. Students who are from abled families can use this kind of technology in their homes whereas children from underprivileged families can’t use it in their homes and they are always behind in using them. So I am planning that I will teach kids from underprivileged families free of charge and let them have chance to use tablets in LC.

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