Sükhbaatar Learning Center

The learning center in Sükhbaatar is the 11th BOOKBRIDGE learning center. It was established in October 2015 by a group of candidates of our Capability Program. Called “Sibirian Education Center” the institution aims to improve the educational offerings in Sükhbaatar Aimag (district), the center of Selenge Province that is located in the North of Mongolia.

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Lazzet Fazal

Lazzet Faazal
Head of Learning Center

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Sibirian Education Center
Selenge Public Library
Sükhbaatar Sum 2th Bag
2th Heseg
Email: lazzet@bookbridge.org
Phone: +976 9600 9194


Cherish our Founders and Alumni

Sibirian Education Center was setup by motivated candidates of BOOKBRIDGE’s 6th capability program: Cinza Bassan, Monica Bielenstein, Peter Bohren, Benjamin Fässler, Isabelle Meier, Christine Mildenberger, Linda Nordin, Sanna Nordquist, Olaf Schleusing, Andrew Thornhill, Angelina Varchione, Christian Zeller.

Besides, the following people helped to set up and improve the learning center:
Samuele Maniscalco | Fellow | 2015
Ada Van Vliet | Fellow | 2015