Takeo: New course and activities offerings

More than 7 months after its reopening, Takeo has shown a good progress concerning both daily library operations and course offerings. With the beginning of the new school year for public schools, some things will change in the learning center as Sokoeurn, head of the center, reports.

Conversation course with vocabulary cards
Practical training: The Head of Learning Center makes students speak English by using vocabulary cards

First vacation course successfully completed
During the public school vacation, which took place from July to September this year, with advisory support from our short-time fellow, Stanley Maleski, from the United States of America, our head of learning center decided to open a school vacation course: Directed English Conversation. The course offering 3 time a week, 2 hours each time for a two and half month period attracted a total of 14 participants to signed up. It mainly focused on getting students practiced speaking English directly based on the prepared topics related their daily lives, talking about going to a beauty salon for instance. The course was finished early this month with a good positive feedback from the participants. Students find this course very useful for them. Beside having chance to try to speak out in English with their classmates and international volunteers, students are aware of the importance of team work and sharing idea. Our head of learning center has decided to continue offer this course during the new academic year hoping to have more participants to sign up. It will start again in early November this year.

A crowded schedule: Course and activities offerings at Takeo LC
A crowded schedule: Course and activities offerings at Takeo LC
More service offerings at the learning center
This year, the learning center has offered a better service to the community consisting of library, activity, course and translation services as indicated in the shown flyer. As for the courses, we offered different levels of general English program to suit a range of different abilities of learner consisting of beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate levels. These courses are planned to take place from 5:15 to 6:45 pm. In addition to the general English program, Conversation and Grammar Analysis courses are also scheduled from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. Besides these offerings, the learning center also provides free English course for children whose ages are under 12 years old from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
Aside from general self-reading in the library with Khmer and English books, we have also scheduled more weekly activity offerings comprising of guided tours for high school students, bi-weekly cinema events, reading story books, creative art activities, educational games and occasional special events.
With all these offerings, we hope that the learning center will become more active and enjoyable place for people – especially children and young adults – from the community.

Soksamnang offering an Alphabetic Bingo game
Soksamnang offering an Alphabetic Bingo game in the play corner at the learning center
Good-bye, Lay Soksamnang!
Soksamnang is one of the three local students working at the learning center. He started volunteering at the learning center in June this year supporting our head of learning center, Sokoeurn, in opening the learning center on Saturday afternoon, tidying up books and playing educational games with our young visitors. With his busy timetable for this new school year, he could not avail himself to support the learning center anymore even though he wants to continue to do so. His Saturday volunteering work is finished from this week onward, but he told us that we will come to support the learning center when he is free from class at his school. We very much thanks for his support and we wish him a good luck and success in his study.

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