Takeo: New course program starts on Monday

Capability Program team at Takeo
Preparing marketing and PR activities

After the reopening of our learning center in Takeo, Cambodia in February, the new course program will start on March 18.

Since December, the capability program team has planned and organized the reopening of Takeo learning center. Beautiful learning space was created, new staff was employed and PR activities took place to inform the people from Takeo about the new class offerings. The next weeks will be busy with ensuring the operation of the center. An important part will be to train the staff to enable them to successfully run the center.

Learning together
Learning together

The trainings contain business management skills, customer management, human resources and accounting. Next to this, we continue to work on the new concept for English and career coaching classes to gain a coherent training concept. Besides further education in these fields, the class offerings are pushed by radio programs and posters along the streets.

With the new class concept, young adults improve their English skills and receive career coaching in the same class. This means they learn about job opportunities and further education possibilities in Takeo and Cambodia and training requirements. Before writing the first application however, it is important to clarify the participants goals: What is it that I actually want? In the end, the educational offerings are to give young people the chance to make a choice and to shape their future by themselves. To achieve this, they need knowledge and certain skills as well as self-confidence and the will to realize their wishes.

Learning together
What does a meaningful English course concept need?

We are very excited about the new course concept and are looking forward to starting it next Monday. Looking back it is incredible what we have achieved: Six months ago we started with flipchart paper and a couple of colored chits. Today, there is a new learning center with wonderful seminar rooms, new teaching materials, a new course concept and new staff. A great success!

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