Takeo Team participates in SHE Incubator Program

Proud of their certificates: Sopheak (third from left) and Sreydieb (second from right)
Proud of their certificates: Sopheak (third from left) and Sreydieb (second from right)

As part of our initiative to improve the personal development of our staff, our learning center in Takeo, Cambodia enrolled two team members in SHE Incubator Program: Sreydieb Long, Community Hero, and Sopheak Tok, Assistant to the Community Hero.

SHE Incubator Program is designed for women with micro-sized businesses with less than 5 paid employees. After participating for six months, their trainer provided us with a review on their performance:

Sreydieb: When she started the SHE Business Incubator Program, she was expected to learn skills in management so she could better lead her staff and build relationships between other partners and stakeholders. She was particularly hoping to learn how to develop an action plan, build more self-confidence, improve her communication skills, and network and learn from her peers.
During the 6-month program, we found that Sreydieb was very enthusiastic and engaged closely with her fellow participants and was very supportive of each other. From month to month, she has increased her confidence in expressing and sharing her ideas during group discussion.
As we reviewed her monthly action plans, we found Sreydieb is also very committed to applying the learnings from the program. She was able to demonstrate improved problem solving and was able to improve her productivity at her workplace. An example of this is the new pilot program launched with the aim of improving student’s performances. She worked with the teachers, students and parents to receive feedback about how to improve the school service and how to involve the parents in the students learning.
The other significant change is that she has dramatically increased her self-confidence and improved her personal expense management skills which meant she was able to start saving and budgeting effectively for every month.

Sopheak presents her business model
Sopheak presents her business model

Sopheak: Through the SHE Incubator Program, Sopheak has shown her passion for educating students about health, eating and environmental issues. She is enthusiastic about running an environmentally friendly business inside the school where she is able to sell her healthy foods and drinks to students. Through this she was able to demonstrate her improved marketing knowledge to promote her products.
Sopheak also showed improved skills in team coordination to review the schools program curriculum and placement tests. She has also improved her personal budget planning and savings skills, which she demonstrated by saving to buy a new motorbike. Through the program we observed that Sopheak has very good ideas, but she finds it difficult to share her opinion with other people during group discussion.

We have observed that both Sopheak and Sreydieb could improve their use of the marketing and business financial tools for the school. We recommend that BOOKBRIDGE encourages them to use these tools more often to contribute to the organization’s development. We highly recommend that Sopheak and Sreydieb continue their relationship with SHE through ongoing mentoring and joining the SHE Membership Club to help them build networks and continue their learning.

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