Tani kicks off with 103 students in the first month

CAP7 Team in TaniWe are proud to announce the opening of our new learning center in Tani, Cambodia. The CAP7 Team around Community Hero Sothy Tep has worked very hard since the investor pitch in February to implement the ambitious business plan. The efforts paid off! 103 students have registered for the course offerings within 2 weeks.

The CAP7 Team had only 6 weeks to turn their ambitious business plan into reality. In February, they convinced Bea Bättig from HILTI Foundation to increase the investment amount from EUR 20,000 to EUR 30,000. The condition of the buildings invested by the local community made the additional investment necessary to meet quality standards.

CAP7 Opening Caran d‘AcheA lot had already happened in Tani when the team arrived on March 5. However, the team still had to work a lot in order to meet the milestone of the grand opening on March 12. And they made it! Many community members came to witness this very special moment. Caran d’Ache and Faber Castell supported the opening with a donation of great pens. And Swisscom provided 11 used laptops as well as gifts for the officials attending the ceremony. Thank you!

Two weeks later, 103 students have signed up for the courses already.The learning center offers English courses, English conversation classes, video lessons, computer courses (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop) as well as a library and a playground. We are amazed by this rapid development!

CAP7 Cutting of the RibbonWhile European CAP7 Candidates have left Cambodia, CAP7 Candidate Fabian prolonged his stay and serves as a Fellow in Tani. Read below his first reflections after two weeks in Cambodia. The text titles “uncertain certainty”.

End of April, the CAP7 Team meets again in Basel, Switzerland and Tani, Cambodia to evaluate the success of their learning center as well as reflect on the key lessons learnt of their entrepreneurial learning journey. We are proud of what the team has achieved and keep fingers crossed for Sothy and his team!

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