Team Mongolia workshop in Arvaikheer

Last week BOOKBRIDGE held a workshop in Arvaikheer. Hosted by Country Manager Amar Purev, staff members from our Mongolian learning centers joined the event.

BLOG_Team workshop Arvaikheer 2012_2
At the learning center in Arvaikheer, we also discussed different reading and learning materials

Foster best practices and learn from each others experiences – these were the goals we wanted to achieve at the workshop. As Mongolia is a vast country with challenging travelling conditions, it is very difficult for the project staff to visit each other. For this reason, Amar organized the workshop. The event took place at our learning center in Arvaikheer as it has already become financially self-sufficient and thus could serve as best practice for the other centers.

BLOG_Team workshop Arvaikheer 2012
Sharing best practices and ideas was an important element of the workshop

After a long travel that for some of us took almost several days, we could welcome ten people and one volunteer from eight learning centers.

The two-day workshop started with exchanging the chances and challenges the centers are facing. Each center presented their operations of the last six months to give an insight in its daily work. This was followed by sessions about personal development plans, marketing, managing the libraries with a focus on the attraction of children and adults to it, EARN business model, reporting, the scouts and their possible involvement in the centers offerings, experiences with teaching English language using child centered methodology, action plan making and communication strategies for the centers and the Country Manager. Uuganaa, project leader of Arvaikheer learning center, told us about her experiences with providing paid courses and the Social Business model.

BLOG_Team workshop Arvaikheer 2012_3
Testing the “learning by playing” concept was a lot of fun…

All participants enjoyed the workshop very much expressing that they have learnt and shared a lot from the other centers. The support of Arvaikheer training centre in arranging logistics was greatly appreciated. We are all looking very much forward to having the next workshop at one of the learning centres in Mongolia!

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