Teamwork – our software of choice for project management

Teamwork lets us exchange ideas about tasks without having to write thousands of emails
Teamwork lets us exchange ideas about tasks without having to write thousands of emails
Our partner network is very big. Besides highly committed individuals there are also many companies who support us with time, money or in-kind investments. One of them is Teamwork.

Teamwork is an Irish-based software company providing solutions for – well, teamwork. Teamwork software supports virtual teams in working together. It helps them to organize projects by giving them the possibility to assign tasks to each others, to create milestones, to documentate procedures and achievements in notebooks and to log times spent on tasks and projects.

Since the BOOKBRIDGE team is very international comprising six countries in Europe and Asia, we thought it might be a good idea to organize our work not by writing endless emails to each other as information gets easily lost. The geographic distances makes it even more difficult to efficiently work together. Especially when setting-up a learning center in Asia, we found it very tiring to exchange ideas, concepts and project-relevant documents only by email.

Teamwork supports BOOKBRIDGE
With notebooks, we document our work f.e. for the capability program
Thanks to the generous support from Teamwork, our project management has been taken to the next level. We not only use the software to organize our daily tasks but also communicate via teamwork when discussing how to solve a certain problem or how to approach to a task. This helps us to collect all project-relevant information in one platform without overloading our email boxes. Teamwork also is of great help when it comes down to the documentation of our work and the coordination with externals. Earlier this year, we started to open teamwork for externals: When setting-up a new learning center with candidates from our Capability Program, they can organize their tasks and communicate them to the BOOKBRIDGE team via teamwork.

Every project is registered in teamwork consisting of several tasks and members. Project members can see the work status of the other team members whereas project managers can easily monitor the project’s progress. What is even more important for our work: In Teamwork, we can collect know-how from managers from all over the world facilitating the process of setting up a learning center and creating a knowledge base for future capability program candidates. We are very excited about Teamwork´s support as it has made our communication and project management a lot easier!

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