“The Chatty Bunch” – Speaking Club opens in Arvaikheer

Students practice their English skills in Arvaikheer's new speaking club
Students practice their English skills in Arvaikheer’s new speaking club
This fall, our learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia started to offer an English Speaking Club to its students.

“The Chatty Bunch” is a speaking club initiated by Peace Corps volunteers Jenni, Perrin, and Anna. It was kicked off in November and involves students from different schools in Arvaikheer. The club is open to anyone who wants to join and meets twice a month.

We focus on improving students’ public speaking, presenting, debating, acting, and controlling their voices when making speeches. We hope that in the future these young and bright kids will become leaders in the eyes of our community and that they will be able to use their influential voices to make speeches about topics that matter to them.

We are planning many more upcoming activities such as an opportunity for current club students to meet university students who were previous students at the learning center. The final step of our Speaking Club will be a Ted Talks seminar in the spring.

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