Our impact with Trafigura

BOOKBRIDGE builds business and leadership skills through experiential learning. In our Capability Programs, candidates from the Global North join hands with talents from the Global South to learn state-of-the-art business skills and develop as responsible leaders while creating community-based learning centers as worthwhile tangible social enterprises. We are proud to create impact together with Trafigura.

2 talents from Trafigura have participated in BOOKRIDGE program
1 social enterprise has been created

Next-generation leaders developed:

Learn more about the impact we created at Trafigura with the BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program.

Social enterprises created:

Mandalgovi Learning Center

Mandalgovi, Mongolia

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Carsten Rübsaamen
carsten [at] bookbridge.org


Paul Martin
Global Head of HR
paul.martin [at] trafigura.com

Program Alumni and bridgebuilders at Trafigura

Emma Stroud

Emma Stroud
CAP8 / Mandalgovi

Albert Jan DeVisser

Albert Jan DeVisser
CAP8 / Mandalgovi