Training for Life Skills Program

Life Skills Training
To practise, the participants presented parts of the sessions
Career Life Skills program is a part of the courses offered at our learning center in Takeo, Cambodia. To get our teachers prepared for it, Bookbridge organized a special training on Career Life Skills. Sokhan Khut, Bookbridge Country Manager for Cambodia, writes about the training.

The new course forms part of the English Plus courses at the learning center. Two trainers from World Education Organization held a 3-day training program from 14 to 16 March. Participants were the head of learning center, Sokoeurn, a part-time English teacher and country manager Sokhan Khut.

The training mainly focused on teaching methodologies frequently used for teaching career life skills sessions. Besides, it contained a demonstration of the sessions and exercises to get familiar with them.

On day 1, after the introduction round, the training started with identifying teaching methodologies through watching video clips demonstrating teaching styles and discussing how they should be improved and followed by getting participants understood the learning pyramid and cooperative learning method. Then the focus shifted to teaching materials for career life skills (the manuals and related cards and posters), overview of the manuals and structure of the sessions and follow by demonstration of the first two sessions.

Career Life Skills Training
To practise, the participants presented parts of the sessions
On day 2, we dealt with try-outs of teaching the rest of the sessions in world of work manual. Each participant chose a session, prepared it and presented it in front of the trainers. The trainers as well as the other participants gave feedback.

On day 3, the training switched to the Career Advice manuals. Like the training on day 2, trainers explained the overview and structure of the session and then showed the steps for teaching the first two sessions. The participants then were asked to go through each session to understand steps and flows of teaching.

The training was finished after a discussing how the sessions could be used for the courses in the learning center since they were mainly prepared for teaching at public schools. At the end, the teachers found the manuals useful for them to teach career life skills, but expressed the need to adapt them to their actual teaching situation. Taking this into consideration, our teachers are ready for the English Plus courses.

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