Tunga is back and other news from Mongolia

Mongolian books for the learning centers
Some of the Mongolian books that are to be bought for the learning centers
Tunga Munkhjargal has returned from her maternity leave. As former Country Manager for Mongolia, she will now support Amar. Besides this great news there are many other ones from our learning centers in Mongolia. Learn more about them in this blog article by Amar.

The learning centres are being supplied with more Mongolian books. Heads and staff of the centers right now are selecting and purchasing Mongolian books using a small grant of 250 Euro. Libraries in rural areas of Mongolia often don’t have an opportunity like this one as their budget is limited. Moreover, books are mostly selected or decided by someone in the administration in the capital instead of the local staff itself that knows the needs of the community and their wishes for new books. Besides Mongolian books, there have been also donated English books that are sent to the learning centers to enrich their resources.

Bulgan Learning Center with students and teacher
Maralmaas English class
English classes for beginners in Bulgan
Maralmaa, Head of the learning center in Bulgan, has started to provide English courses for beginners which is a noticeable progress for her. Maralmaa did not feel confident to teach English as she didn’t have much experience of teaching English after her graduation as English teacher and wasn’t really sure what and how to teach. But after having intense curriculum development classes during the BOOKBRIDGE training in Khuvsgul in August and having received manuals for teaching English to beginners including student books and activity books provided by Uugana from the learning center in Arvaikheer, she feels much more informed and confident in teaching English.

Tungas baby
Besides BOOKBRIDGE, this little angel keeps Tunga busy
Welcome back, Tunga!
Many of you might still remember Tunga: until one year ago, she was BOOKBRIDGE country manager for Mongolia. After her maternity leave, Tunga is now joining again BOOKBRIDGE on part time basis. Tunga will deal with urgent issues such as registration of NGO with District Taxation office, getting permissions to provide paid courses by the learning centers, creating membership cards or collecting lists of requested English books. The entire BOOKBRIDGE team is very happy to have Tunga back as she has very valuable experiences and knowledge about our program in Mongolia.

New in Govi-Altai: Tsengelbayer
New in Govi-Altai: Tsengelbayer
New in Govi-Altai: Tsengelbayar
Tsengelbayar has joined to lead Govi Altai LC while Bayaraa, is on maternity leave. Tsengelbayar graduated from Linguistic Institute as English language teacher and translator in 2004. She has been working as English language teacher for 7 years and joined Govi Altai province’s Health Department as interpreter to work on NLM project in 2012. Tsengelbayar is married and has a child. We are happy to welcome her at Govi-Altai!

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