Two new Fellows for Learning Center Ang Tasom

In the beginning of February, our learning center in Ang Tasom, Cambodia welcomed two new volunteers called Pierre and Charlotte. The two fellows came from France to help us during their university break. Sothika, Head of Learning Center, showed them around so they could discover the learning center.

First, they visited the learning center itself which offers English classes, IT classrooms and a kindergarten in the very center of the city. In the beautiful library children can read English or Khmer books at any level. There is also an IT class with computers where students can learn how to use them.

Charlotte and Pierre then visited the three micro learning centers which are spread over the city. A micro learning center is a branch of Ang Tasom learning center where we provide English courses in the afternoon in classrooms that do not belong to BOOKBRIGDGE but to schools that don’t use them in the afternoon. BOOKBRIDGE runs micro learning centers because the central learning center doesn’t have enough classrooms. It carries out educational offerings to children living remote so that they don´t have to take long travels from the schools they visit in the morning to the learning center.

Little girl reading in Ang Tasom library
Little girl reading in Ang Tasom library

After the visit, the training of of the fellows could start. Sokhan Khut, Country manager of Cambodia, and Sanha Nhor, Education Business Developer, came to Ang Tasom for the week to get the fellowship program started. Therefore, they worked altogether to integrate Charlotte and Pierre as much as possible in the team and to make them familiar them with the organization of the centers and their specific challenges. They went through different topics like cross-cultural communication and the characteristics of Cambodia.

The fellows then visited another learning center, Takeo which is not too far from Angtasom. Here, they discussed their future projects. Charlotte and Pierre should now be ready to fully help Sothika and his team with the learning center. “It has been an enriching and intensive week for both of us.” Pierre said, “I think that there is a huge potential and I will try my best to make it more successful.”

Interview with Charlotte and Pierre:

Hi Charlotte and Pierre, who are you?
I am Charlotte Gionnet, a 22 year-old girl who was born in France. I am a business student in Toulouse in the south of France. I am fond of sport – running, gymnastics…- and I love nature.
My name is Pierre Le Buhan, I am 23 years old and I come from France. I’m studying in a Business School in southern France call TBS. I love sports mainly tennis, football, running and volleyball. I love travelling and discovering new cultures, and together with Charlotte I will be a fellow at BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Ang Tasom for the next 6 months.

How do you know about BOOKBRIDGE?
We found Bookbridge on a website called Idealist that lists a lot of associations.


Why do you engage in BOOKBRIDGE?
Charlotte: I got involved in BOOKBRIDGE because I wanted to give my time to an association during my second part of gap year. I really wanted to live a different experience from what I’ve done so far meaning internships in startups.
Pierre: I have received and learnt a lot during my childhood, and during my experiences in start-ups. I am taking a gap year to give and live different experiences with amazing people like in Cambodia.

What do you do at BOOKBRIDGE?
We are fellows at Ang Tasom Learning Center and will help to develop its communication toward the community and to make the center sustainable. It will go through different initiatives like going to high schools and Universities to explain the students what BOOKBRIDGE is about but also to create activities to attract them. Our goal is to help the Head of Learning Center to reach its sustainability rate through English classes and activities.

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