Two new Learning Centers opened in Cambodia and Mongolia

Cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony
Cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony
We are very excited to announce the opening of two new BOOKBRIDGE learning centers in Cambodia and Mongolia! Together with Community Heroes Buyanaa and Kimsorn, two groups of our 10th Capability Program have worked on the business plans in the last months. Now they could open a learning center in Khovd, Mongolia and a learning center in Psar Kralan, Cambodia.

Opening Learning Center Khovd
The 13th BOOKBRIDGE learning center “Golden Gate Learning Center” has opened its door in Khovd, a remote province of Mongolia. Khovd province is located 1,580 km west of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar and home to 85,000 people from more than 17 nationalities and ethnicities.

Group picture of CAP10 setting up Learning Center Khovd
Proud of their learning center: CAP10 team
A team of 12 passionate members from different European companies has dedicated its time, know how and most importantly, heart for over 6 months in supporting Community Hero Buyankhishig to set up her social enterprise for the development of Khovd community.

For the opening, over two hundred people came – it was magical! It was great to see how excited the students were, but also how respectful and truly interested. On the spot, many of them already signed up to take lessons. After a week of the opening there were already 140 students registered for courses! We are very proud of the CAP10 team and Buyankhishig and wish her the best for her learning center!

Group picture of CAP10 team setting up learning center Psar KralanOpening Learning Center Psar Kralan
Inés was part of the CAP10 team that set up the learning center in Psar Kralan, Cambodia. In this text she shares her experiences.

“When I was asked to write some words explaining our experience in Cambodia I did not know what should I explain because there were so many experiences, adventures, activities, tasks, learning… that we made, did, had, lived… But then I thought… and what about feelings? What did we feel during Module 4? What was moved inside us due to all those experiences?

It was happiness when we met again and when we met the team members from team south for the first time in person and sadness when we had to say goodbye to everybody. Was it sadness or annoyance when we saw a mother begging with her baby late at night at Pub Street? It was definitely excitement when we visited the learning center for the first time.

But there was also some frustration when we felt that communication was not working and we did not know what were the reasons for changing some decisions that had already been made within the team.

It was relief when we could communicate and understand each other but also when we had some refreshments after being under the sun. (I remember a nice fresh coconut after visiting one of the Angkor temples)

It was uncertainty before the opening ceremony because we had so many issues that were not ready, we had some big last minute changes and there was so little time left to do everything. But it was proud after seeing that everything went very well!

It was disgust and also sometimes fear when we were facing bugs, spiders, frogs, crocodiles, etc. It was curiosity and calmness when we took part in the rice ball ceremony in a Buddhist temple during Pchum Ben festivities.

And it was gratitude when we were so well welcomed in so many different places and by so many different people. And it is still gratitude for having the opportunity of being part of the CAP 10 and having experienced our Module 4 in Cambodia.”

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