Vision 2020

Starting off a scout exchange program with Mongolia, BOOKBRIDGE has developed into an impactful and purpose-driven social enterprise. We are proud of our continuously growing Family of Bridge Builders around the world.

Our theory of change has developed a lot in the last 5 years. Starting with our Community Heroes, we asked ourselves where we see BOOKBRIDGE by 2020. In a highly collaborative process, we crafted this document as a basis for discussion during the 2016 Summit.

Our Vision
We serve as a platform for the next generation of leaders in Europe and Asia to do what they really are. We are a family of self-confident responsible citizens who actively shape their own future. We create impact by making people think and act as entrepreneurs and enabling them to lead themselves as well as others.

Our mission
We build business and leadership skills through experiential learning. In our Capability Programs, candidates from the Global North join hands with talents from the Global South to learn state-of-the-art business skills and develop as responsible leaders while creating community-based learning centers as tangible social enterprises.

Our goals
By 2020, we are an engaged Family of Bridgebuilders active in 5 countries with 43 learning centers, thereby having trained 784 next-generation leaders in the Capability Program, enriching the life chances of 400,000 community members with quality education.

Our objectives

Characterizing our 2020 BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center
When visiting a BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in 2020, you see a well maintained user-friendly building with at least 3 classrooms, a library and a meeting space, all equipped with modern learning facilities. The learning center caters a reasonable amount of learning materials in
 English as well as at least 1,000 local language books, which are of interest to the local communities. The learning center is run by a local Community Hero. The learning center is operated as a business. Profits are solely used to pay back the initial loan given to set the center up and re-invest into the learning center operations. It provides quality educational services to the community. It is a place where the community likes to meet, a happy place. The learning center fosters diversity in the community and is not tied to a specific political party nor religion nor ethnicity.

Characterizing our 2020 Capability Program
By 2020, the Capability Program is perceived as a pioneer in hands-on talent development. Candidates turn into teams of entrepreneurs creating worthwhile tangible businesses and initiatives besides their regular jobs. Professional business and leadership coaches accompany them in every step. Candidates from Europe and Asia collaborate at eye-level. The Capability Program does not end with the setup of a social enterprise in Asia. It only marks the start of a long-term relationship with our Alumni in creating initiatives and businesses in their respective environments.

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