Volunteer Portrait: Natsagdorj Batchuluun

BLOG_Natsandulaag BatchuluunNatsagdorj Batchuluun is a 20-years-old student from Arvaikheer, Mongolia and one of our volunteers at Arvaikheer BOOKBRIDGE library.

Hi Natsagdori, what do you do at BOOKBRIDGE?
At Arvaikheer library, I help to teach youths English, to organize books etc. Before going to Ulan Bator for studying, I used to spend most of my time at the library with helping the staff and studying. After having graduated from high school, however, I had to leave Arvaikheer to enter university. Because of that, I can´t help so often anymore. But during the holidays and summer vacation, I visit my home town and volunteer at the library.

Tell us something about you: What do you do,what is your hobby, what drives you?
I am in my second year of studying education to become an English teacher. Originally, I am from Arvaikheer, Uvurkhnagai province where I lived with my younger sister and grandmother until last year. Then I moved to the capital Ulan Bator to study. When I was young, I dreamt to be a teacher so this is what I do now. As for my hobbies, there are many things in my life I like and some I dislike. I like when everything is OK. Being happy is one way of being wise. I like to study because knowledge is useful and it means power.

How did you become attentive on BOOKBRIDGE?
Few years ago I met a German scout who was one of the founders of BOOKBRIDGE in Mongolia and my teacher, too. Being and working with my teacher made me attentive on BOOKBRIDGE.

Why do you engage in BOOKBRIDGE?
BOOKBRIDGE helps everyone who really wants to learn English and communicate with others. One of my goals is to be an English teacher and learn English and that´s why I get involved in BOOKBRIDGE. Another reason is that I like to help people and am interested in books.

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