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BLOG_Christy Nichols
Christy Nichols is coordinating a group of five EDventure International at Siem Reap
Christy Nichols and Tanner Heath are part of a volunteer group that supported our education center in Siem Reap, Cambodia this summer. We have interviewed both about their work and engagement for BOOKBRIDGE.

Hi Christy and Tanner, tell us a little bit about you and your work at Siem Reap Education Center!
I am Christy, a thirty-something teacher of English. I have taught school in England, the United States, Italy, Australia, and now Cambodia. I am American, but I live in Melbourne in Australia. In my free time, I LOVE to read! 🙂
At Bookbridge I manage a team of EDventure volunteers. They organize and deliver different lessons that include spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.
My name is Tanner Heath and I am a teacher in Suwon, South Korea. I am originally from the USA but have lived overseas for many years now. I studied Middle Eastern history at school and love reading anything about the Middle East. I also enjoy heavier music and have a passion for travelling and teaching.
I have been volunteering at the Siem Reap Youth Center teaching a wide range of lesson plans. Some of the lessons we have covered include but are not limited to health directions, literature and conversation. We have been working mostly on the students verbal and communitcation skills. I feel these are some of the most important aspects for a student to learn when studying English as a second language.

How did you hear about Bookbridge?
Christy: I heard about Bookbridge through my friend Tola, who is a director at About Asia Schools. He introduced to me to Sokhan, who told me about Bookbridge, and the activities that are organized in the school library.
Tanner: I learned about Bookbridge from the organization I went through to come to Cambodia, EDventure International.

BLOG_Tanner Heath
Coming from South Korea: Tanner Heath
Why do you engage in Bookbridge?
Christy: I engage in teaching these activities because I love teaching kids. Every student, every lesson is always a challenge – even if I am teaching the same thing, the day is always different because each student brings something new to the classroom. I really enjoy the challenges of finding new ways to teach.
Tanner: I chose to volunteer and teach in Cambodia because I wanted a new and differnent teaching experience as well as an extended oppurtunity to learn and explore the beautiful country of Cambodia.

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  • Kang sovan says:

    working a long time in Phnom Penh ! now I attend to be a volunteer in the Organization not profit for help children.
    Note. for helping kids in my country.

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