Voting Result of the Art Olympics Workshop

All paintings were displayed in the learning center
All paintings were displayed in the learning center

Earlier this month, we wrote about the art workshop Chris and Kate Marsh organized at Bookbridge Learning Center in Takeo. After the workshop was finished, they brought the students’ art projects to Phnom Penh to get them voted. Below is a briefing Chris made on the result of the voting.

Peace Corps volunteers completed their second Art Olympics in Cambodia last week. Groups of Peace Corps volunteers came to Phnom Penh and judged 175 pictures drawn, colored or painted by students in provinces throughout Cambodia.

Handing out certificates
Congratulations: Kate hands the certificate to a student

With the help of Bookbridge staff and the use of their wonderful learning center, students in Takeo Town created 22 beautiful and unique works of art. While several paintings from Takeo received many votes from the judges, none of them had enough votes to be selected as one of the eight final winners. Winner of the Art Olympics will have their art displayed at a gallery in Phnom Penh and will have the chance to learn additional painting and drawing techniques from a master Cambodian artist.

The organizers
Chris and Kate Marsh and Sokoeurn Touch organized the olympics

Many students who joined the Art Olympics this year were excited to use materials like paint and oil pastels while improving their techniques using familiar materials like colored pencils and crayons. In addition to their final projects, students who joined the Art Olympics created many other drawings and paintings to explore how to capture things like animals, people, emotions and the environment through their artistic skills.

Chris and Kate with some participants of the olympics
Chris and Kate with some participants of the olympics

Kate and me were very excited to have organized this great workshop focusing on art and expression. On Saturday last week, we handed out certificates and put the final projects on display in the learning center. Students enjoyed the Art Olympics so much that they requested, and will soon have, an informal art class at the Bookbridge Learning Center several times each week!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this project a success!

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