Welcome Librarian Thea at Siem Reap Learning Center!

Welcome aboard Thea! We would like to welcome passionate Nath Thea to our BOOKBRIDGE family. Thea is the new librarian at our learning center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. With a background in English education, Thea hopes to progress professionally and advance his English proficiency with his new job at BOOKBRIDGE.

Currently a junior at university, Nath Thea has an educational background in Teaching English as a Second Language (TEFL). Regarding his previous professional background, he has been a volunteer admin assistant for one month at a local institute. He then became an English teacher for a span of one year. With respect to his social volunteering, he was once an organizing committee member of Khmer New Year Celebration at world-famous ancient Angkor complex.

Nath applied at BOOKBRIDGE because his love for books, his reading passion, network opportunities and education. When asked what his expectations about his job are, Thea wishes to see his progress in English proficiency as he performs his new job. He added that he also wishes to see BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Siem Reap progress and grow, more particularly in terms of English course quality. We are happy to have you join our growing team! We hope you are happy working with our team as well. Have a good start, Thea!

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