Welcome, Marisol!

Marisol (fourth to the right) is now supporting the BOOKBRIDGE team
Marisol (fourth to the right) is now supporting the BOOKBRIDGE team
We have a new team member! Costa Rica-based Marisol Borbon has joined our office in Switzerland and will manage our Learning Partnerships program. Read this interview to learn more about her journey with BOOKBRIDGE.

Marisol, who are you?

I am from Costa Rica and in December 2017 I moved to Lörrach Germany because of my boyfriend’s (now husband) job. In Costa Rica I studied Business Administration and worked in Finance and Planning for 6 years.

Why do you engage with BOOKBRIDGE?

When moving to Germany I had to quit my job, so I decided to make a change in my career to something more meaningful and motivating, which I had thought about for a few years but had not found the courage to do. While looking for options, I found that the University of Basel was very close to Lörrach and that they had a School for Philantropic Studies and a really interesting CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in GSE (Global Social Entrepreneurship). I applied and the day of my interview I was expecting a very serious and formal Swiss, but instead I met this cool and relaxed guy who told me how he dedicates his life to building bridges between Europe and Asia. I thought to myself, someday I will like to build bridges as well, between Europe and Costa Rica.

The team: Sri Lankan and European candidates
Marisol (grey shirt) at the opening of Kekirawa learning center

What is your journey with BOOKBRIDGE?

I was part of the GSE2 program and co-founded Kekirawa Learning Center in Sri Lanka, which was an amazing experience! Later that same year I joined the MasterClass which I’m still part of; and some days later I was discussing a job oportunity with Carsten. So on January this year, I started working with BOOKBRIDGE as part of the Bridgebuilders Summit´s organization team and as the Program Manager for the new program Learning Partnerships.

I am very excited to be in the BOOKBRIDGE team because I think this is my opportunity to do what I really am, and even better, being able to help other do what they really are.

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