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Matthias Augustin is new coach in our Capability Program
Matthias Augustin is new coach in our Capability Program
Matthias Augustin is our new Business Coach. From June 2018 onwards he will accompany the GMP+5 team to make a difference in Sri Lanka. Get to know Matthias in this short interview!

Matthias, who are you?

I am 52 years old, have two teenage-aged kids, live 15 km southeast of Zurich in Switzerland and practice sailing, skiing in the mountains and like to travel, preferably in the southeast Asia region.
In my professional life I am a leadership trainer, transformation coach, health consultant and mentor, I work with organizations and individuals. My aim is to give impulse and solutions for clarity, better performance and improved health.

How did you hear about BOOKBRIDGE?

I heard about BOOKBRIDGE from another Business Coach, Jorge Cendales. We worked in HP together and recently again in various projects. Jorge was enthusiastic about BOOKBRIDGE and made me curious and interested in joining as well.

What makes you feel excited when you think about BOOKBRIDGE?

Particularly appealing to me is that BOOKBRIDGE started with the boy scout activities of Carsten. I was also an active boy scout and have very good memories of that time. Therefore, I am very proud to have been chosen as a business coach to be part of the BOOKBRIDGE family and that I can provide support to inspire bridgebuilders and entrepreneurs and also contribute to a better world with young, educated human beings from all over the world.

What else are you doing besides BOOKBRIDGE?

I founded my own company in 2004. Since 2008 I offer heart beat variability measurements for burnout prevention and coach with this knowledge companies, managers and employees to support their health. Additional, for the last 7 years I have been active as a newplacement coach and trainer for career development to support people to find a new and better job. Since 2014 the main focus in my work is leadership, communication, teamwork and cultural change.

What did you do and learn in your professional life until today?

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, I started my career as an architectural designer. Soon I moved into the IT business, were I spent over 15 years in different management positions. My main functions were the role as global business consultant, program manager and solution creation specialist for the financial industry at Hewlett Packard and as a global senior product manager for mobile solutions at Siemens.
Last year, I finished my master degree in cognitive neuroscience. Before that, I did several trainings in coaching, non-violent communications, mental training and project management. I am a certified LP3 leadership trainer, a profilingvalues master- and balance coach, an AutonomHealth professional, a graphic facilitator for strategic visioning and I did courses on business model canvas and on various management tools.

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