Welcome Rasheed and Barbara!

BOOKBRIDGE Foundation board: Rasheed Abdullagh, Barbara Kaech, Evelyn S. Braun and Richard Rupp
The new BOOKBRIDGE Foundation board: Rasheed Abdullagh, Barbara Kaech, Evelyn S. Braun and Richard Rupp (from top to buttom)
At our Foundation Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, Rasheed Abdullagh and Barbara Kaech were elected as new board members. Carsten handed over his role as President of BOOKBRIDGE Foundation to Rasheed Abdullagh. Evelyn Braun and Richard Rupp remain in the board. Markus Gander stepped down from his position as board member and becomes BOOKBRIDGE Ambassador.

We are extremely proud of the fact that we have built up a sustainable and impactful social enterprise in the last five years. To “be prepared” for the next stage, we managed to attract two great new talents as board members. Our 13 learning centers are now counting more than 11,000 members. 55 professionals have participated in our Capability Program so far. Since this year, we are able to fully finance ourselves through revenues.

With growth comes responsibility! After 5 exciting start-up years, Carsten decided to step down from his position as President of the Foundation. Carsten’s main focus will be in extending our impact in Europe with the Capability Program.
We are excited to welcome Rasheed Abdullagh and Barbara Kaech as new board members. Rasheed Abdullagh brings many years of experience in managing the scout movement in Asia. Barbara Kaech is a lawyer and supports us in legal matters. Evelyn S. Braun and Richard Rupp remain the stable pillars in the board. Evelyn supports us in financial and administrative matters while Richard focuses on our values and stakeholders involved.

Besides Carsten, Markus Gander will leave the board. Markus has been supporting us since the very early beginning. He will remain active for our cause as a BOOKBRIDGE Ambassador.

Below we present the members of our foundation board:

Rasheed Abdullagh, President of BOOKBRIDGE Foundation, responsible for our learning centers
Why do you support BOOKBRIDGE, Rasheed?
I support BOOKBRIDGE as it is a very noble project close to my heart. It is a project worthy to the real needs of the community in building a future generation that is more informed and self developed. It allows an easy access to contribute voluntary support.
What will be your role in the board?
As President of the Board, I monitor and play an advisory role with regard to the Learning Centers and manage the communication among the board members.

Barbara Kaech, board member, responsible for legal matters
Why do you support BOOKBRIDGE, Barbara?
It is BOOKBRIDGE’s idea that has inspired me. I myself had the chance to receive a good formation and always had access to books making my life so rich. With my commitment I want to support BOOKBRIDGE in giving many children and youth access to education and books, especially in less developed countries.
What will be your role in the board?
As board member I will support BOOKBRIDGE in legal matters. As a lawyer I have lived several years in Asia and hope that BOOKBRIDGE can profit from my experiences. As participant of the Capability Program in Cambodia I had the possibility to see BOOKBRIDGE’s commitment directly at place.

Evelyn S. Braun, board member, responsible for finance and administration
Evelyn, why do you support BOOKBRIDGE?
I have worked in the field of philanthropy and foundations for many years. Until the end of 2011, I have been Managing Director of AVINA STIFTUNG and Alexander Schmidheiny Foundation. Since 2012 I am responsible for philanthropy and foundations as one of the founding partners of BRAUN PARTNER GmbH, Meilen.
What is your role in the board?
In my role as board member, I support BOOKBRIDGE with my profound experience in the field of Finance and Administration.

Richard Rupp, board member, responsible for values and stakeholders
Why do you support BOOKBRIDGE, Richard?
I support BOOKBRIDGE because it is a small but powerful organization that contributes to the good development of some corners of our “global village earth”. No matter who participates in BOOKBRIDGE, everybody shows joy and enthusiasm about joining in a good case. This inspires to take part in it: man people with many different backgrounds help people to help themselves via providing books and education – always at eye-level.

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