What students and parents say about BOOKBRIDGE – voices from Arvaikheer

Three students at the learning center in Arvaikheer:
Three students at the learning center in Arvaikheer: Anuka, Tumenbayar and Myagmasuren

Since the foundation of the first learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia in 2009, BOOKBRIDGE has changed the life of many people. In this blog post we give them a voice: Myagmasuren and Tumenbayar have studied at the learning center, Bagi is the mother of three children who visit the center’s classes, and Buyanaa works as English teacher and librarian at the learning center.

Myagmasuren Surenkhorloo, student
Who are you? Tell us a little bit about your personal background.
Hello! My name is Myagmarsuren Surenkhorloo, a freshmen at Institute of Finance and Economy of Mongolia. Last year, I graduated from “Merged” school in Uvurkhangai. But not only my high school, I like to introduce myself with the name of BOOKBRIDGE training center. I have been learning English at BOOKBRIDGE Arvaikheer for 4 years with my friends.

Thanks to the learning center, Myagmarsuren Surenkhorloo was able to study at the Institute of Finance and Economy
Thanks to the learning center, Myagmarsuren Surenkhorloo was able to study at the Institute of Finance and Economy

Why do you visit the learning center/attend classes?
At first, I started attending classes to learn English. Because the BOOKBRIDGE is the best training center in Uvurkhangai at all time for the reason that the center provides the students with such good textbooks, responsible teachers, volunteers and convenient environment etc. But as time run, I made a significant number of friends. So that, I changed my mind that learning English is not only to do thing.
When we were high school students, we used to visit the center to prepare for exams, Olympics and attending activities while having fun. Now, I and my pals come to the BOOKBRIDGE to see and help our teachers by teaching classes, organizing events, and to feel that warm atmosphere again.

What do you like about the learning center?
Teachers teach us not only academic skills but also life skills, for instance teamwork, friendship and social activities and give a number of chances to attend in national programs, volunteer works, TV programs, having volunteers to support us etc. For me, I got the experience in extracurricular activities at BOOKBRIDGE rather than at school. At the center, kids make friends in just a few hours or a few days. As well as we have wonderful memories. I would like to pick up a few of them.
On one Women’s day, we planned to surprise Uuganaa. Then we got an idea to decorate the wall of the classroom with hearts made of pink paper. That day, while we were coming to BB/Book Bridge as we abbreviate, we wrote a song about BOOKBRIDGE on one Mongolian song’s melody.
One time, Uugana advised us to take part in a national scholarship program. While preparing for the program, we used to sit around a round, white table, make jokes with each other and play Apples to Apples. I have never been happy like that time before. As well as I miss our round table.
Students celebrate New Year party, seniors organize and top students are awarded to prizes. In 2013 when it was nearly to celebrate 2014, we had our BOOKBRIDGE brightly-colored t-shirts, we love. We could not wait to wear. We wore them at once after the party and took some photos.
It is all a complex atmosphere of BOOKBRIDGE, I love.

Bagi (right) is glad the learning center offers her daughter Anuka the possibility to attend high-quality English classes
Bagi (right) is glad the learning center offers her daughter Anuka the possibility to attend high-quality English classes

Battsetseg Goiteez, mother
My name is Battsetseg Goiteez, called Bagi. I live with my family in Arvaikheer city of Uvurkhangai province of Mongolia. I have 3 children and they are all school age. My oldest daughter is 14 years old and her name is Anuka and she studies at 9th grade. She has been learning English for 5 years. She really likes to study English and she is doing a good job. When she was only 6, she asked me to teach her English alphabet and some simple words and sentences. I used to teach English but since I work full time at an international organization, I became busy, tried finding another way to improve my daughter’s English skills.

When she was 9 years old I saw an advertisement about new English language center’s summer English class for students. Now I think this was really good choice for me and my daughter and were so glad that she attended English class of Youth development center. Since that time, she had been attending in English classes of the center constantly for 5 years. Now she is one of the oldest students. It’s great that she had been involved in the youth development activities besides learning English. It’s helpful for improving her life skills.

One of the great things about this center is there is great opportunity for students to read wonderful books which help children to improve their reading skill and knowledge. Also there are great teachers who are committed to teaching new skills children. Every year students successfully participate in the state and regional English Olympics. My daughter participated in the regional English Olympics four times and won 2 gold and 2 bronze medals. Also I heard many students from this center study in the best colleges and universities of Mongolia after their graduation of high schools. Therefore I’m so proud of these wonderful teachers for supportinglocal community, our children and youth to learn English well.

Finally, on behalf of all parents, I’d like to express my gratitude to Uuganaa and other teachers for supporting our children to study at their favorite colleges and universities. Hope many more our children have bright future thanks to their English language skills gained at this Center

Buyanaa (right) enjoys teaching English in the favorable teaching atmosphere of the learning center
Buyanaa (right) enjoys teaching English in the favorable teaching atmosphere of the learning center

Buyandelger “Buyanaa” Ochirbat, English teacher and librarian at the learning center
Hello, my name is Buyandelger Ochirbat. I was born in Guchin- Us soum in Uvurkhangai province. I studied in high school in Arvaikheer and I graduated from Technical University of Arvaikheer in 2009 as an English teacher and Translator. Right after my graduation, two months later I started to work for Bookbridge learning center in Arvaikheer. Working at BOOKBRIDGE learning center means for me from the start on always learning. I met Uuganaa. She is also my teacher and she’s been positively influencing me in many ways.

I have been working as an English teacher and librarian for BOOKBRIDGE learning center for six years. During this time I’ve gained valuable personal and professional experiences. I organize activities and clubs, manage library operation, teach Englsh. I’ve been attending in several trainings and workshops organized by BOOKBRIDGE country team and others. I have had most of fun in working with kids.

I am passionate to teach English and to work with children and youth. I am proud of myself being a part of in building up new libraries in six Provinces in 20110 and 2011. Several things have been kept me to continue at BB learning center. I’ve got great opportunity to learn English in practice and to exposure other cultures, the books we have in our library and working with kids. I am proud of my learning center that we established child friendly environment for their development!

Tumenbayar Purevtseren is student at the learning center in Arvaikheer
Tumenbayar Purevtseren is student at the learning center

Tumenbayar Purevtseren, student
Hello, good afternoon. My name is Tumenbayar Purevtseren. I was born in Arvaikheer, Uvurkhangai in 1998. Now I’m 11th grade student of local 1st school. My hobbies are reading books, singing songs and watching movies. I’m very good at my study especially at math and English. I live with my parents and my little brother. My father is a plumber, my mother is a sales person and my brother is a student.

First in 2012 summer, I decided to do some English training. My choice was “BB”. When I met my teacher Uugnaa first time, she really liked me. From that summer by studying at BOOKBRIDGE my English started improving, so that I started my year training. At BOOKBRIDGE I usually read books that are really suitable for me. When I’m doing tests and exercises, some words are new for me so to know the meaning of the words I look it up in the “Longman”. Longman is the best dictionary.

My teacher is very kind person. When I need help, she always helps to me and she prepares very good tests. These tests are really challenging for me. Studying rooms are very comfortable. In my free time sometimes I do my homework and tasks at BOOKBRIDGE. Whenever I wanted to do something at BOOKBRIDGE, she always says yes. No one interrupt me. The library helps me a lot. Because when I wanted to brush up my mind I use books. At BOOKBRIDGE there are various type of interesting books, get books from BOOKBRIDGE is very easy so that I love BOOKBRIDGE.

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