When 12 alpha animals come together…

Jumping high – the CAP10 Team

…and everyone leaves the ego at home, they can change the world. This is how Team Khovd of our 10th Capability Program summed up their key learning. Together with their counterparts from Team Psar Kralanh, they experienced 6 months if agility and entrepreneurship in a challenging environment.

Back in April, 24 candidates made their ways from India, the US, Japan and from all over Europe to Basel. Joined by their Community Heroes Buyanaa and Kimsorn and local teams from Khovd, Mongolia and Psar Kralanh, Cambodia, they developed their joint vision as a guiding star for what they will experience as a team of entrepreneurs. Following a successful pitch to their investors in July and an implementation of their business plan on-site in September, they gathered for their closing module 5 in Zurich to reflect on key lessons learnt and transfer the business and leadership skills to their private and professional lives.

Monika sharing her key lessons learnt

You could sense the pride of both teams of what they had achieved together. Team Psar Kralanh had made a big step towards their vision to create positive and lasting impact on children, youth, families and the community around their learning center. 11 students had registered already for the courses and their fellow team member Inés staid in Cambodia as a volunteer on-site.They literally started from scratch while team Khovd had the advantage of building up on existing courses. In Khovd, the team had created a place beyond happiness with a sky-rocketing number of 137 students registering at the opening ceremony.

Both teams were very different in their profiles and learnings. Asking Team Khovd to sum up their learnings, Monika recalls: “We came together as 12 alpha animals and had to learn to leave our ego at home. Now, we can change the world!“. Through the program, candidates learnt to trust the process and pay respect to their emotions in addition to listening to the facts. Team Psar Kralanh managed the entrepreneurial learning journey in a very different way. Having been a harmonic team right from the start, they showed a lot of eagerness and enthusiasm to continue to engage for the learning center.

BOOKBRIDGE also learnt a lot from both teams. Carsten sums up the key learnings in a short Pecha Kucha:

The learning journey of our candidates would not have been possible without the outstanding support of

  • Nathalie Moral from mavia and Jorge Cendales from HumanSpirit as business coaches in Europe
  • Chanthorn Theng and Amarsaikhan Purev as business coaches in Mongolia and Cambodia
  • Boris Billing and Heike Rudolf von Rohr as leadership coaches in Europe
  • Elisabeth Labadie and Anke Erler and Family as impact investors
  • Amar, Tunga, Sokhan and Sanha as our BOOKBRIDGE Partners in Mongolia and Cambodia
  • Jella as the team‘s program manager

Let’s keep on building bridges to Khovd and Psar Kralanh!

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