“When you believe in yourself, others will trust you”

Hello! My name is Oyunbat. People call me Oba. I’m 16 and I live in Arvaykheer, Uvurkhangai of Mongolia with my parents. I have a brother who lives in Ulaanbaatar which is the capital of Mongolia. I successfully participated in the story telling competition and want to tell you more about myself.

When I was 6th grade, my brother offered my mom and me to go to BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Arvaikheer. So I decided to study. One day I entered the door of BOOKBRIDGE with my mom holding her hands. Since that day, I have been attending at BOOKBRIDGE for almost 6 years already.

First of all I studied at BOOKBRIDGE to only learn English. As the time passed I realized that BOOKBRIDGE helped me not only English skills, but also volunteering and influencing skills. I participated and organized a lot of activities at my BOOKBRIDGE center such as No Plastic No Problem, Model UN, Poetry Slam, Tedx, and Write on etc. When I took part in these activities, I gained a lot of experience, had so much fun with my friends and gave me passion.

Oyunbat (left) with her familiy and Uuganaa
Oyunbat (left) with her familiy and Uuganaa
This passion drove me to take part in the international essay competition. I wrote my essay discussing with my group mates. It was the first time that I wrote essay for international competition. When I heard the news that I took 2nd place, I was really shocked. Then I called to my parents directly to tell about everything and said we’ll have a dinner with my teacher. As they heard this, they were super happy and really proud of me. In the evening we had such a wonderful and funny dinner and discussed with each other. I was rewarded with 20 euro. It was so satisfying to buy new books and some staffs with money that I had won.

Taking 2nd place in this essay competition encouraged me a lot and gave me passion to learn more hard. My parents’ trust of me may be increased more. Therefore they believed me to have more successful future in front of me. For 6 years all of my memories and successes are connected with BOOKBRIDGE and Uuganaa and I’ll keep going.

All in all, I think there are so many children who don’t believe in themselves and afraid of facing problems. For these reasons, they don’t value themselves. One thing that I want to tell for these children is “Believe in you”. When you believe in you, others will trust you like my parents. Start moving. Chances are everywhere.

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