Who visits our libraries?

Socheata Em
Frequently visits our library in Siem Reap: Socheata Em

Em Socheata from Cambodia is 12 years old. She is one of the 8.600 young people that have visited our library in Siem Reap, Cambodia since its opening last fall. In this post, she tells us why she likes to visit the library.

“I came to the library for the first time few weeks after its official opening. I was impressed by the variety of English books for children, games, puzzles and Khmer books – especially that for children and novels – that why I decided to register as a library member and I benefit a lot from being a member here at Siem Reap Bookbridge library. With just 500 Riels (about 0.125 USD) I spent for a library membership card I can borrow books and DVDs for free for one year and I can also enjoy reading and playing in the library anytime I want to do it.”

“I just started learning English at a private language center. So I don’t know much English and I could not read much English text, but I like looking at English colorful pictured books so that I can know more in general about animals, fruits and characters as well as understand simple English words through the pictures. I also like reading children story books and novels in Khmer that are the reasons I come to the library.”

Em Socheata was born in Siem Reap province and is currently a 7th grader at the 10 January 1979 High School in Siem Reap. Socheata attends school in the morning from 7:00 to 12:00 and takes additional private classes in the afternoon until 16:00 and English courses at a private school from 17:00 to 18:00. Taking private classes in the afternoon is quite usual in most district/provincial towns of Cambodia.

Socheata usually comes to our library in the morning during the breaks and in the afternoon between her private classes. Oftentimes, Socheata comes with her classmates to play games. Their favorite game is ‘pick and mix people’ which we described in a previous post. When her friends are busy she also comes alone to the library to read Khmer novels. There is a dozen of Khmer novels and different English picture books she has read so far.

The BOOKBRIDGE library in Siem Reap is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 17:00 with a break between 12:00 and 13:30. The majority of our visitors are students from the 10 January 1979 High School where the library is located.

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