Winners of BOOKBRIDGE Song Contest

Arvaikheer, Siem Reap and Tonloab are the winners of BOOKBRIDGE song contest 2016
The winner of the BOOKBRIDGE Song Contest is Learning Center Arvaikheer. Their version by Samdan Shiilegbat received 316 of 783 votes. Second is Learning Center Siem Reap with 233 votes. Third is Learning Center Tonloab with 56 votes.

Congratulations to the winners!

Learning Center Arvaikheer has won 25 BOOKBRIDGE t-shirts and a collection of local language books for their library.

We have received 10 song videos and a total of 783 votes:

  1. Learning Center Arvaikheer (by Samdan Shiilegbat): 316 votes
  2. Learning Center Siem Reap: 233 votes
  3. Learning Center Tonloab: 56 votes
  4. Learning Center Bandarawela: 37 votes
  5. Learning Center Arvaikheer (by Esunmunkh Saikhanbayr, version 1): 33 votes
  6. Learning Center Takeo: 30 votes
  7. Learning Center Ang Tasom: 24 votes
  8. Learning Center Arvaikheer (by Esunmunkh Saikhanbayr, version 2): 20 votes
  9. Learning Center Sükhbaatar: 20 votes
  10. Learning Center Bulgan: 14 votes

Watch the winner videos:

Songs and votes came from all over the world:

70% of votes came from Asia, 9% from Europe, 8% from the United States and 3% from Australia/New Zealand:
Votes by country for BOOKBRIDGE song contest 2016

Watch and enjoy all videos:

Song video by Learning Center Bulgan

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