Winter Library for Ulziit Khoroo

In Khuvsgul, the BOOKBRIDGE team met for a 5-day workshop
In Khuvsgul, the BOOKBRIDGE team met for a 5-day workshop

Our learning centers in Mongolia had a summer filled with events and activities: The learning center in Ulziit Khoroo got a ger (traditional felt tent) for the winter period. During the four-days staff training at Khuvsgul lake, the Arvaikheer learning center provided their colleagues with manuals for teaching English to beginners. And after 17,184 kilometers, Andrea and Robert from Zurich finally arrived in Ulaanbaatar after their adventurous donation road trip from Switzerland.

The Ulziit Khoroo learning center has gotten a ger that will enable the staff to run the learning center also during the wintertime. A ger is the traditional Mongolian felt tent. The wooden cabin where the center operates during the summer is not suitable for the winter and the NGO running the center was not able to change the condition of the accommodation due to a lack of resources. The center staff could welcome Narantuya who will replace former Englisch teacher Zulaa. Narantuya will also provide courses for traditional Mongolian script, her husband will teach traditional music to children. The Ulziit community very welcomes these new offerings as it belongs to one of the most remote areas of Mongolia thus lacking educational services. To get an impression of the work in Ulziit Khoroo please watch these videos: Song contest and activities offered at the “Open Bridge Day”.

BOOKBRIDGE Mongolia had its all-staff training from August 11 to 14 at a tour camp near the lake Khuvsgul. The training was participated by everybody working for our learning centers in Mongolia. We were very happy to welcome new staff member Narantuya from Ulziit Khoroo and Chuka who started working at the learning center in Arvaikheer part-time.

Carstens and Richards trip to Mongolia was very fruitful as they could meet the entire staff of the centers. During group and individual discussions they could share their achievements and challenges. At the training, important decisions were made related to successfully operating the centers with a key role of Carsten and Richard.

Arvaikheer provides new teacher manual
At the training, Uugana, Head of Arvaikheer learning center, shared manuals with exercises and activities for teaching English to beginners. The manuals are a very handy resource for centers like the ones in Bulgan or Zavkhan where English language courses for beginners are to start and teachers need support with preparing the classes.

Andrea and Robert
Welcome! Andrea and Robert arrived on September 5 in Ulaanbaatar.

Langstrasse Extended visits Govi-Altai and Arvaikheer learning centers
Andrea and Robert alias Langstrass Extended took a road trip from Zurich, Switzerland to Mongolia collecting donations for a new learning center in Mongolia. After having started in July, they crossed the Mongolian border in August and visited the learning centers in Govi-Altai and Arvaikheer. Amar Purev, BOOKBRIDGE Country Manager for Mongolia, and Bulli, BOOKBRIDGE volunteer in Ulaanbaatar, welcomed Andrea and Robert who handed over the books donated during their trip. To celebrate the event, Andrea and Robert were taken to a cultural performance of local artists . A BIG THANK YOU to Andrea and Robert on behalf of the Mongolian team!

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